Rural Fence Builder

rural fencing installation

With a rural fence, you can add aesthetic value and safety to your farm. Farm owners in the Newcastle area depend on strong fences for security, privacy, and containment of their animals.
Whether you need a barbed or an electric fence, we have everything available for you. We offer top-quality fencing solutions for livestock, game, and farming.
Here is a brief description of our rural fencing services.

  • Snow fences

Snow fences are made from wire joined slats and narrow vertical wooden to help overcome the wind pressure. Our fence builders understand how to construct walls to prevent blockage of driveways from snowdrifts.

  • Woven fences

Woven fences are ideal for farm animals that are difficult to contain. Sheep and goats may stray to undesignated areas where they might get lost or cause damage to neighbours’ plants. Our fence builders have vast experience in installing woven wire fences to confine your animals to a particular area.

  • Wooden rail fence

Usually, a wooden rail fence is constructed around the homestead to contain animals. Our fence builders can design strong wooden rail fences to suit your preferences.

  • Synthetic fences

Synthetics fences are resistant to weathering, and they don’t fade due to the effects of UV rays. Our contractors are familiar with installing and maintaining PVC fences, RAMM fences, and polymer rail fence.
Whether you want a rural fence for security or containment of animals, we have got you covered. At Newcastle Fencing and Decking Pro’s, we design and install different types of fences for your large and small scale projects. Contact us at any time for a free quote for any gates or fencing enquiries!

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