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Your garden is an essential part of your home, and if left unprotected, it will be intruded by animals and wild animals. There are a variety of fencing options you can choose to secure your home from intrusion. At Newcastle Decking and Fencing Pro’s, we provide garden fencing options customised to fit your surroundings and preferences.

We offer fencing solutions that provide adequate security for farmers and homeowners in England. Our team comprises qualified and experienced specialists who can design and construct your fence within your specifications and timelines.

We value your opinion, and we always work alongside you to design and construct fences based on your suggestions. Before installing a fence, our fence builders assess your situation and come up with the right solution based on your needs.

During winter, adverse weather elements, such as floods and strong wind, can damage your fence. We are familiar with such a situation, and we a rapid response team to manage emergence repairs. We are committed to ensuring that after emergence, your fence is restored to normalcy within the shortest time possible.

Our fence builders are adept at repairing or replacing damaged posts, panels, and gravel boards. If your fence posts are weak, don’t worry, we will strengthen them via concrete spurs.
If you want your fence to remain attractive and durable, it is advisable to treat it once every three years. Depending on your styles and budgets, our fence specialists can paint or stain your fence using a variety of colours as per your specifications.

At Newcastle Decking and Fencing Pro’s, we have immense expertise in designing and installing all types of gardening fences. We are specialists in feather edge, fence panels, and picket styles. Besides, we repair and maintain walls at affordable rates.

Our team comprises skilled and experienced fence builders committed to working alongside you to design and install fences within your styles. Being a responsible company, we always adhere to our best practices and local authorities’ regulations while constructing fences for our clients.
If you are thinking of fencing your garden, don’t hesitate to contact Newcastle Decking and Fencing Pro’s for a free quote. We have a variety of fencing options for small and large scale projects.
Here is a summary of the type of fences we install around gardens.

  • Chain link garden fences

If you are operating on tight budgets, a chain link garden fence is the most cost-effective option. Whether you want a fence for your commercial estate or your private home, our experts can install a chain-link fence around your yard.

  • Aluminium garden fences

Aluminium garden fences come with scratch-resistant coatings; hence they don’t require painting. Our fence builders are adept at installing aluminium fences to blend with your environment while securing your property.

  • Vinyl garden fences

Vinyl garden fences are characterised by low maintenance and are ideal for homeowners who want to spend a lot of time in the garden. With our skills and experience, our fence builders can install vinyl fences that are long-lasting and resistant to fade.

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