Composite Decking Installation Newcastle

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Composite decking is one of the best materials you can use for building decks for a multitude of reasons. Being manufactured from recycled woods and plastics, composites are eco-friendly materials, and are ideal in constructing floors. At Newcastle Fencing & Decking Pro’s, we supply materials and build composite decks that are durable and easy-to-maintain.
We are adept at designing and installing high-quality floors in your gardens or outdoors from residential and commercial decking to small and large scale decking.
As a homeowner, understanding various composites’ characteristics will help you make an informed choice on the kind of material to use. Composite decking can be classified into modwood, futurewood, and ekodeck.

Here is a summary of the various composite decks.

  • Modwood

If you like versatility, then modwood is an ideal material for you. Whichever type of colour, size, or shape of floor you want, we can help you meet your requirements. Our deck specialists are familiar with using modwoods to construct floors in kitchen or outdoor spaces.

  • Futurewood

Futurewoods come in different sizes, and you can find a standard size in either 138x23mm or 86x23mm. Futurewoods look like natural woods and are made from recycled plastics and woods.

  • Ekodeck

Ekodeck materials are available in various designs, and the standard sizes are 137x23mm and 88x23mm. Although Ekodeck products are manufactured to look like natural timber, they are more durable and require less maintenance than wood.

Why You Need to Consider Our Composite Products and services
The following are the reasons why you should subscribe to our composite decking services.

  • Our deck specialists are adept at designing and constructing composite decks for both residential and commercial homes.
  • We mind about your budgets, and we build cost-effective decks without compromising with quality.
  • We are responsible and committed to installing eco-friendly decks in your outdoor spaces. We usually use recycled materials, such as timber and bamboo.

We value your opinion, and we always work alongside you before and during deck installation. For the past ten years, Newcastle Fencing & Decking Pro’s has been working on massive projects, and we have experience in providing high-quality services to different clients.
We stock all types of composites to cater for your residential and commercial requirements. We supply, install, and maintain all sorts of composite decks in the Newcastle area. Before we accord you any service, our deck builder assesses your situation, designs, and installs a composite deck based on your preferences.

Our vast experience in the decking and fencing industry makes us a one-stop-shop for your projects. Whether you need a deck builder for a residential or commercial home, we have got you covered. We deliver cost-effective and seamless results without compromising with quality. Regardless of the size of your project, we have the right solution for you.

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